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Techniques to correct bow legs in children

Bow legs are quite a serious condition in which a child's legs are bent, and this condition can sometimes be a little tricky to cure. Most doctors will tell you that bow legs can't be straightened without surgery, but this is actually not quite accurate. Bow legs can be straightened, especially in children, and here are some ways to go about it.

Exercise, a healthy diet, and vitamin supplements
If your child is under three years old, it's very possible that their bow legs will straighten by themselves. You'll need to observe your child carefully. Ensure that he's getting a diet rich in protein and that contains plenty of vegetables. Above all, make sure your child is getting enough sunlight, as bow legs can quite often be the result of a Vitamin D deficiency. Try to ensure that your child is engaging in plenty of physical activities that involve them using their legs. Running, climbing, and skipping are all wonderful activities. Take your child for long walks, go to a park, or throw a ball around- the keys are exercise, nutrition, sunlight, and sufficient vitamin supplements.

Will this straighten my child's bow legs?
If your child's bow legs have occurred at an early age, certainly. Bow legs aren't natural, which means that a young child's legs will generally straighten out on their own if they're getting the right exercise and nutrition. You should ideally also consult your doctor to ensure that your child's bow legs aren't the result of a disease, and if they are, to ensure that the disease is treated while he or she is still young and their bow legs still have a chance of straightening themselves. You'll need to make time for engaging your child in physical activities, preferably those that you can do out in the sunlight (Vitamin D deficiencies contribute to bow legs, remember?). These activities can definitely help to naturally straighten your child's bow legs, and they should show marked improvement before ultimately straightening themselves entirely.

Medical braces
Medical braces are supports which can be strapped to the legs and help to slowly straighten them over time. These aren't necessary for most children with bow legs; usually, the natural methods described above will be enough. In serious cases, however, such as when bow legs are the result of a disease such as Rickets, and/or your child is already around eight or ten years of age, the completely natural methods above may need to be supplemented with medical braces.

Don't wait too long!
There's a certain period of time before a person is fully grown when their bones are still relatively flexible. It's definitely best if their bow legs are straightened within this period. Once a person becomes an adult, bow legs can still be straightened, but it requires more time and patience than it would if you were treating a child. So if a child of around eight or ten years old is displaying the symptoms of bow legs, and a doctor recommends braces, do go in for them as soon as possible. This will give your child the best chance of leading a normal and healthy life. It's important that you continue the natural treatments described above, however, as they never stop being beneficial for a child with bow legs.

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